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On Ramp | Followers 101 | 2/10/19 @ 2pm

We want to help people go from being a part of the community to being commissioned! Learn about what we believe, who we are and our philosophy, target and strategy.

Merge | Followers 201 | 2/17/19 @ 2pm

If you’ve taken our 101, it’s time for you to sign up for the 201! There are three separate driving skills that you'll need to learn if you're going to merge into a life where you are involved in the church.

Fast Lane | Followers 301 | 2/24/19 @ 2pm

Life in the church can seem like learning how to drive in freeway traffic. It can be very intimidating! But learning what you’ve been gifted to do is like being comfortable in the FastLane. It’s time to put the pedal down. If you’ve been through the On Ramp (101 Class) and the Merge (201 Class) then this is the class for you.

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