Maybe you’ve been wondering what things are like at Followers Church. When will we be launching? Where are we planting the church? How is that working running concurrent services?

Here’s what it’s like...

• Right now we are running two concurrent services on Sundays @ 8:00AM & 10:00AM, while we are still at Eastpoint Church. It’s fun and there are a lot of people. But don’t worry we have great signage so you won’t get lost.

• Speaking of signage, we have a sign on the outside of the building that enters into our lobby, but you’re more than welcome to enter either lobby, get coffee and hang out while you wait for services to begin… You’re more than welcome to bring your own coffee too but we’ll start brewing it early for you.

• If you have kids and want to check them into FC Kids  (Children’s Ministry) that is available too. Check-in is fast and easy even if you’re new. Keeping your kids with you is cool too but we want to eliminate distractions to you and to others as much as possible.

• Wednesday nights is "Family Night" where we run AWANA for kids, EPIC for middle school & high school youth, and a variety of classes for adults. There’s even Trek available on Tuesday nights for those with middle schoolers who want to continue in AWANA.

• SMALL GROUPS! We have lots of different groups for you to get involved in on different nights of the week. Just check out our GROUPS page.

• Our plan is to move up to the South Hill on September 8, 2019, to our new home at 3525 E. 57th Avenue, 99223. The renovation timeline is subject to change but that’s our goal!