Worship & Visual Arts Team Leaders: Tess, Tiffany & Ezekiel

Worship & Visual Arts Team Leaders: Tess, Tiffany & Ezekiel

WORSHIP | At Followers Church, we want people to understand the truth of who Jesus is. We sing songs that reveal who He is and what He has done for us. We strive to bridge the gap between culture and church by performing songs that are well known and easily identifiable.

TECH | We can’t function without the people behind the scenes and their role is equally as important as those on the stage. Audio, lighting, video, I.T., you name it! It all is important and we are always in need of people to help fulfill these roles. You don’t need any experience, all you need is a servants heart.

VISUAL ARTS | To say that our culture is driven by all things visual is an understatement. We recognize that and do our best to create visually appealing content that is purposeful, creative and helps draw people closer to Christ. We do that through social media, design, photography and videography.

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