Changes | We are currently still making improvements, so expect things to look like we’re still moving in and making it our own.

Coffee | You’re more than welcome to bring your own but we’ve got an excellent espresso machine and some peeps who know how to make deliciousness happen. Even the brewed stuff is good and we’ll get it started early for you.

Cookies | Again, you’re more than welcome to bring your own but ours will be fresh baked by professionals…not kidding.

Check-In Stands | Just inside the front door you’ll see where you can check your kids into FC Kids (if you have kids). Check-in is fast and easy, even if you’re new. Keeping your kids with you is cool too but we want to eliminate distractions to you and to others as much as possible.

Casual & Contemporary | By that we mean a modern worship experience and message that is geared for adults (meaning some topics might require an explanation on your part if you bring your kids). We also use a lot of media like music, lights, cameras and videos, to create an environment that is casual but cool. (Services are about an hour long.)

Grace | No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or how you currently identify yourself, you will be loved and welcomed.

Encouragement | Or to be motivated. Sometimes that might feel a little more like a nudge, but it is our desire that every person who comes to FOLLOWERSCHURCH leaves encouraged toward their purpose.